About Us

About Glam-Prints 

Glam-Prints.com is located in the heart of Southern California and the world’s premiere designer and creator of luxuriously elegant gold foil prints that express you.


What better way to express your favorite emotion, celebrate a relationship, remind yourself of who and what you really are, give yourself a much needed ego boost, or celebrate your favorite place on Earth or your favorite fashion icon than a gold foil print.


We design and hand craft luxury prints in solid gold foil, silver foil, and pink foil. What better way to celebrate yourself and remind yourself of the things you enjoy most in life than a tasteful gold foil print. Our luxury prints are sized just right for being your morning inspiration or a daily reminder of how great your life is.


We make luxury prints that fit your bath, clothes closet, makeup room, office or any place you want to make a statement in gold that makes you feel glamorous and reminds other people of just how fantastic you really are.


Naturally, we celebrate the world’s most impeccably tasteful fashion icons with Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Paris designer inspired gold foil prints.


We feel that nothing will inspire you more and give you that extra push you need to outshine everyone in your business and personal life than luxury prints that express your favorite emotion. We specialize in gold foil prints that inspire like Audrey Hepburn’s famous quote “Happy girls are the prettiest girls”, “Crème de la crème”, and “She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes”.


We want you to celebrate the happiness of your relationship. Hugs and kisses or a big smooch in gold is just a small token of affection that can remind you constantly of how lucky you are with your significant other.


Our luxury prints cater to the discriminating tastes of women but make the ideal gift from a discerning husband or male friend to that special woman or the woman they want to be special in their life. What better way to celebrate you marriage than a solid gold luxury print that reminds her of her wedding every day?


We have hundreds of gold foil prints to select from that celebrates the places, life events, and ideals that the most glamorous women in the world want to remember and be reminded of.


We are constantly updating our luxury prints collection.


If you do not find exactly what you want, then order a hand crafted gold foil print with the design or words that you hold dearest to your heart.


Glam-Prints.com knows that every woman is special. Our luxury prints just let you celebrate how special you are in a unique and very impressive way. We feel that feeling good about yourself is the most essential part of having a successful relationship and career. Our gold foil prints just allow you to celebrate your style in a remarkable and unmistakable statement of quality and taste.